Road Book - Trek Laos

 Day 1 : Thursday Octobrer 31th

Departures from Paris.

You have the choice of your flight. There isn't direct flight to Luang Prabang.

Usually, you stop over at Hanoï or Bangkok.

 Day 2 : Friday November 1st

Arrivals in Luang Prabang.

Second city of Laos with 70 000 inhabitants at the edge of the Mékong. The city is registered at the

inventory of sites of World Heritage. The race manager will welcome you.

Transfer to Rama hotel.

Dinner at Rama hotel, then Briefing of presentation of your trek


 Day 3 : Saturday November 2nd


Transfer to Nongkiaw (3500 inhabitants) by private bus 150km north of Luang Prabang.

Everybody have lunch together.

Staff's and Runners's presentation. Next get to bungalows. Free discovery of the city. Rest.

At the end of the afternoon, briefing trek's presentation in globalness and especially the first stage.

Dinner at the restaurant "chez Alex". Night in bungalows.

 Day 4 : Sunday  November 3rd

Breakfast on the terrace view of the river Nam Ou. Little Transfer to the start of the race.

Distance around 25km. Road of tracks. You will go accross paddy field, rice field and will discover Hmong and Kamu villages.

Finish in the vilage of Lao Lum. Light meal and collation before come back to Nongkiaw by motor pirogues (travel around 45 min)

Lunch together at the restaurant "chez Alex". Second stage's presentation

Afternoon: Transfer to villages for school donations

Free dinner in one of the 4 or 5 restaurants of the city. The organisation takes charge of these dinners.

 Day 5 : Monday  November 4th

Breakfast on the terrace view of the river Nam Ou

Second Stage: around 25km on steep ways of rice fields and underbrushs.

Finish in a typical and traditional village. Light meal and little back transfer to Nongkiaw.

Lunch at the restaurant "Chez Alex" and 3rd stage's presentation.

Visit Nongkiaw's caves.

Free dinner in one of the 4 or 5 restaurants of the city. The organisation takes charge of these dinners.

Night in bungalows.

 Day  6 : Tuesday  November 5th

Breakfast on the terrace view of the river Nam Ou.

3rd Stage: around 20 km on paths taken by the Hmongs. The decor will be composed by deep forests and sheepfolds.

Finish in a Hmong Village, away from civilisation where all the team will sleep to the night. Lunch with typical food and dishes brung by the organisation's team.

Activities : Village of moutain farmer's visits, local activities like wood's arts and crafts, discovery of the Hmong cuisine.

Runners and Villagers will cook the dinner together. Typical Hmong meal with mountain rice alcohol.

Night at the villager's home. Important: Bring your mosquito netting. An unique night where the comfort will be less important than the reminder of this authentic experience.

  Day 7 : Wednesday  November 6th

The organisation's team brings the breakfast from the city.

Stage 4 around 20 km. Ways accross jungles and bamboo's forests. You will discover mountains, dales, valleys ans many Hmong villages. You will arrive in a village named Thaï Lu ( Low Mountain Range's Tribe) where you will spend the night.

Lunch with local dishes.

Activities : school donations, visit of craftsman's villages.

The dinner will be cooked by the village's women. A typical Thaï Lu meal with rice alcohol.

You will celebrate a traditional feast named Baci with the villagers together.It is celebrated when there are exceptional events likes births or weddings. This ceremony has one goal: call the good spirits

Night by the villagers (take your mosquito netting).

 Day 8 : Thursday  November 7th

The villagers will prepare the breakfast as sporty as possible.

Stage 5 around 20 to 25 km. The runners will get away from the village to come back to the civilisation. You will go down in the direction of the river, then cross it and go along rice fields and copses.

Finish in Khamu's village. Light meal then come back to Nongkiaw by vehicle. Lunch together at the restaurant "Chez Alex"

Activities : Magnificent 2 hours trekking to go to the most beautiful Nongkiaw's wonderland.

Dinner in one of the 4 or 5 restaurants of the city. Night in bungalows next to the river.

 Day 9 : Friday November 8th

Early Breakfast at 6 A.M at bungalow's terrace.

Transfer for everybody by private bus for 4 hours to arrive to the village of elephants south of Luang Prabang. Ride on elephants. 10 elephants provided for one ride of 45min (2groups).

Lunch on a terrace above the river where you can see elephants wash themselves.

Transfer by motor pirogue to Tatsé's Waterfalls.You may swim in these cascades. Then transfer come back to Luang Prabang at hotel Rama. Celebration dinner on a cruising boat on Mekong with traditional dances.

Night at hotel Rama.

 Day 10 : Saturday  November 9th

Breakfast at the hotel.

Free activities and Lunch in Luang Prabang.

A lot of marquets, shops, stores, restaurants, temples.

We'll can give you some advices.



Day 11 : Sunday  November 10th

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the airport according to your departures.



Day : Monday  November 11th

Arrival in Paris